FM200 fire suppression is also known as HFC227ea. FM200 is a waterless fire protection system, it is discharged into the risk within 10 seconds and suppresses the fire immediately. The main advantage of FM200 fire suppression, is the small amount of agent required to suppress a fire. This means fewer cylinders, therefore less wasted space for storage of FM200 cylinders.

FM200 systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical, and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage. FM200 extinguishes the fire quickly, which means less damage, lower repair costs. Like any other fire suppression system, FM200 systems are designed with an extra margin of safety for people. Refilling FM200 is simple and cost effective, therefore, it also means less downtime and disruption to your business.

CO2 System

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an environmentally safe gas that is colorless, odorless, electrically nonconductive, and efficient as a clean fire suppression agent. Carbon dioxide has a high ratio of expansion, which facilitates repair discharge and allows for three- dimensional penetration of the entire hazard area quickly. Stored in steel containers as a liquid, carbon dioxide extinguishes a fire by cooling the atmosphere and reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion. It has no residual cleanup associated with its use. Carbon Dioxide can be used to protect a wide variety of hazards to fit every industrial and comercial fire protection needs.