Wooden Fire Rated Doors

Available in 30, 60 & 90 min Fire rating, designed to prevent the passage of Smoke, hot gases & flames when in closed position.

Standard Size (60 min Fire Rated)

900 x 2100 x 54 mm - Single Door
1000 x 2100 x 54 mm - Single Door
1800 x 2200 x 54 mm - Double Door

Standard Hardware

1. SS Hinges
2. Heavy duty door closer
3. Locks
4. Push plate
5. Pull handle
6. Intumescent seal

Vision Panel

Fire rated doors with vision panels are also avialable to the specific requirements of the coustomer.

Steel Fire Rated Door

The doors are availabe in 60 & 120 minute fire rated versions, made of Zinc coated hot dipped galvanised steel sheet, and equipped with self closing mechanisms.

Core of the Door

Honey comb/Water proof polyurethane core


Zinc coated16 GA (1.5mm) hot dipped galvanised steel sheet


Powder coated to standard RAL number, with 70 to 100 microns dry film thickness

Standard Hardware

1. Anchors
2. Hinges
3. Locks
4. Door Closer
5. Door Stopper
6. Pull Handle

Options Available
  • Singl Leaf Door
  • Double Leaf Door
  • Door with vision panel
  • Door without vision panel
  • Door with Louvers
  • Doors without louvers
  • Doors with Panic lock and handle
  • Doors without panic lock and handle